In the food-store you can get raw vegan glutenfree organic breakfast and lunch, but also a healthy juice or shot, cup of coffee, fresh tea and healthy sweets. Everything on the menu is made from pure, honest and healthy ingredients. Although the vibe at YAY is relaxed, we also reckon with people who are in a hurry. Everything on the menu can be taken as take-away.

In the YAY food-store we offer you, vibrant city lover, the opportunity to experience how tasteful, accessible, vibrant and healthy raw food can be. Yes we use carrots and broccoli and many other vegetables, fruits, sprouts, nuts and raw sweets, but we use them in such an amazing creative way. The menu we serve you will surprise your eyes and your taste. Our gift to you!

Raw food
Food should make you happy and your health is the first and most important thing.
Have you ever wondered what is really in your food and how it is really produced? Well, we have! With YAY we want to inspire you to embrace a healthy lifestyle and that is why we have chosen for a raw food only kitchen. This means we only work with organic natural food and no processed or cooked foods. Nowadays the supermarkets are filled with processed food that contains toxic E-numbers, antibiotics, preservatives, you name it and it is in our food. And with the discovering of fire we have also decided to cook everything, but before that there was no intentional cooking at all. With cooking a lot of vitamins, minerals and enzymes get destroyed. This is not how Mother Nature intended food to be. Food should be a medicine for your body and not destroy you body through all the additives and the lack of important nutrients. We do not heat any of our foods above 42 degrees Celsius, which means all of the beautiful nutrients that nature has put into our food are still intact so you receive all the healthy benefits from it.

Organic & Natural
We have forgotten what real food taste like and we have forgotten what it feels like to be completely healthy. In the YAY food-store you can fill your tummy with food that is full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and tastes like yummy you have never tasted before. We only use the purest and most natural ingredients, biological as far as possible. We have an open kitchen, so you can have a close look on the preparation of our fresh colourful meals. Take a sneek peak into the kitchen and feel free to ask our kitchen staff everything you want to know about raw food and the work they are doing. They are very happy to share their knowledge and passion with you! Still hungry for more information on raw food preparation or tips on how to start your own raw food journey? Be sure to sign up for one of our workshops on these subjects!

Ecological friendly
We care for the health of our planet as much as for your health. Therefore we do everything possible to be friendly for our environment. We have constructed the bar in the food-store with old recycled wood. We have a ‘no plastic straw’ policy and therefore we use take-away that is made from ecological friendly material. We also strive towards using mostly locally grown seasonal products for our raw food creations and we are completely vegan.

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