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yay yoga When I was a little girl I was always stretching and performing headstands in the garden just for fun. Never knew I could make a living out of it.  Instead I have been working for many years as a designer in the commercial fashion world. It was amazing to being creative and working with beautiful colors and fabrics and traveling all over the world. I was flexible in another way, also performing headstand and bending over backwards to get things done on time, facing a lot of stress and deadlines. A couple of years ago I discovered yoga. Enjoying my practice and following courses such as reiki, shiatsu massage and reading books about chakra’s and ayurveda gave me more balance and spiritual depth in life. Last year I decided to live my dream and became a certified yoga teacher. It’s an honor and joy to teach vinyasa yoga classes at YAY. A beautiful place where we make the outer- and the inner-world more beautiful which is synonym to my approach of life. With all my heart, dedication and personal attention we flow together through the yoga poses. I’ll be super happy when you leave the mat more balanced and with that Happy Yay feeling!… See you on the mat!   


YAY yoga  I’ve discovered Yoga through acting in a student acting group. Our director always used the Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) as a warming up. A beautiful warming up, but it was only the physical aspect of yoga. I wanted to learn more about this way of using the body. Through different yoga classes, a journey to India and spending time in the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai I discovered yoga is about much more then just the physical practice. It was after this time in the Ashram, yoga became to be very important in my life. Living right now, with total relaxation, total surrender, being pure and begin here. Still I’m getting inspired by different forms of yoga, using the inspiration from Jivamukti Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga in my own classes, as well as the inspiration teachers I meet on my Yogajourney. And: let’s not forget life itself and all the people passing by every day as a big inspiration an journey! In my classes I’ll stimulate you to explore your own journey with the practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, on the mat and  when your stepping off of your mat into ‘real life’.                                                                


yoga YAY yin JonasIn 2010 I made a drastic change in my life and I dedicated myself to the spiritual path. Yoga and meditation are the two key ingredients for me. I followed a yin yoga teacher training with José de Groot. Yin yoga combines meditation and yoga in such a perfect way. The energy that comes free, or ‘yinergy’ how I like to call it, makes you feel deeper connected with your mind and body. I am very happy I can now spread the yin message to others and let everybody experience that beautiful ‘yinergy’.


farrah YAY yogaIt might sound a bit cliché but Yoga really saved me. Before I was teaching, I went to yoga classes and before that I was one very lost soul. I had no clue or direction where my life was heading. Thru my mother who suggested I go to yoga, I ended up going to classes. The more I did it the better I felt about myself and really started loving myself again. Now the whole puzzle started to fall together for me, suddenly I had guidance. I realized that since I was a little girl I always wanted to teach children. I started my first teacher training to teach yoga to children and know more about the yoga philosophy. After finishing the first 200 hours I was even more curious and followed another 200 hours. I started to find my happiness in teaching and was ready to go for the “big people”. Now I’m doing what I love most. Working with people and whilst doing this I’m helping them improve there health. With finding there guidance just by sitting still to find your inner peace (mindfulness) and exploring the body with the movements (asana), For me yoga is much more then just sitting still and doing the practice. I try to bring this in my classes as well. Most importantly the classes are there for you so you can be completely yourself with yourself.  It took me some years to find what I love. But now I can honestly say that I love what I do and do what I love.


yoga YAY Cristina

I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. In my childhood, I started practicing martial arts which became a big part of my life until I moved to Amsterdam in 2006. I then started looking for something that could give me the same sense of values but with the non-violence aspect. That’s when I found yoga. In November 2014 I completed the Pre-Teacher Training at Delight Yoga, followed by RYT 200 hours with Drishti Yoga Teacher Training in April 2015, The Path of Astanga Yoga 100 hours at Delight Yoga in 2016 and several workshops with renowned teachers in between. In 2015 I decided to make a shift in my life and deepen my practice & teaching with a 6 months trip to India to practice with my teachers Rolf & Marci Naujokat, where I continue to go every year. My classes are dynamic and focused on moving with the breath, using it as a tool to surrender to the present moment. As B.K.S. Iyengar once said: “Breath is the king of mind.”.


Ali was born in rural New Zealand and has been traveling extensively for the past 11 years as a professional contemporary/ballet dancer, choreographer and teacher. Naturally she started moving towards a more yogic lifestyle after experiencing some difficult mental and physical challenges. Having a passion for health, spiritualism and movement made it seem like the obvious choice. Following a transformational journey in Northern India she has arrived in Amsterdam as a freelancing 500hr YT of Yin and vinyasa flow complimenting her dance career. She hopes to inspire, and connect on a deeper level to each student she passes her knowledge onto . She likes to play live music at the end of each class to harmonize the breath and heal the soul.


1472801_10151822679716821_1745077530_nGrowing up, I have always been active in rough sports like Taekwondo, netball and soccer. My first yoga experience was in 2009; when I was ‘pushed’ into trying a yoga class thinking it would be uninteresting. Halfway through the class I realised it was tougher than I had expected so I kept going back! Yoga have kept me grounded ever since. I discovered the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga and realised that I have found a path in this life. I decided to follow my heart and did a Teacher Training in India and received my certification in 2012. I believe that Yoga is not just about touching your toes and getting into those perfect poses, a beautiful practice is being in your present mind and body. Yoga is for everyone-especially-if you’re not perfect!

View More: passion for yoga began after being drawn to the therapeutic benefits to help a severe knee injury. I was amazed not only by the physical benefits it brought to the body but also to the calming effect on the mind. Quickly yoga became a major part of my life and source of strength and inspiration. After moving half a year to India I found my daily yoga practice helped find space with a busy city life. On returning to Holland I then decided to deepen my yoga practice via a teacher training. I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT 350) specialising in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. I find by practicing both active yang and more gentle yin forms of yoga helps keep both my body and mind feeling in balance – and I abslutely love the being able to share this practice with others!