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Raw vegan pies
It’s possible to buy whole raw vegan pies!
– chocolate mousse pie                                                 €47,50
Our chocolate pie comes with a berry jam and is nut free.
– banana toffee pie                                                         €42,50
This pie is our pride! It consist of three layers: toffee, fresh banana and to top it off a super delicious cashew cream.
Are you looking for something else? Feel free to ask what other options are possible.

Ask for possibilities. Almost everything is possible.

Food packages: (take away) 
1 day: 3 meals per day, 2 healthy snacks 37,50
2 days: 69,-
3 days: 99,50

Detox/ Cleansing Packages: (take away)
1 dag cleanse/detox: 3 meals, gingershot, juice, detoxthee: 45,
Included yoga class: 52,50

2 days cleanse/detox: 82,50
Included yoga: 90,-
3 days cleanse/detox: 125,-
Included yoga: 132,50


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